Kimberley A Fergusson

Kimberley A Fergusson – Artist Statement

I’ve always viewed painting as an extension of my inner self, as though every piece I create is exposing a part of my soul. Painting is very therapeutic for me and I love to share my passion and unique vision of the world with my viewers. I create varying styles of painting from delicate brushwork to bold expressive knife painting with tons of texture and colour. My spirituality plays a key role in my artwork in a couple of ways. The first being that I feel every color has a unique magical quality, energy and emotion to it. Because of that, I meticulously choose each colour for every given piece that I create to promote a certain feeling I am trying to express to the world. Also, the use of my subject matter of my realism and inspiration for my abstract work comes from my love of nature.

I am also a Wife, mother and grandmother who loves to spend time with my family. I have many other interests that include singing, walking in nature, aromatherapy, cooking, crystal energy work, reading, sewing and reading tarot and Oracle cards.