Kimberley A Fergusson

Artist Biography

Kimberley Fergusson is a Calgary born artist who began creating art work at the very young age of 3. She has many talents including drawing, painting, aromatherapy, crystal energy work, wood burning, leather tooling, and singing. Kimberley is currently working on many different styles of painting including spiritual, healing, and natural works. Each piece Kimberley creates is infused with her unique vision and passion for the world around her.

Kimberley completed a Creative Acrylic course in 1998 through the University of Calgary. She was also enrolled in private art lessons under the guidance of Wang Kui in 2001.

From the years 2002 to 2004 Kimberley exhibited some of her art work at The Image House in Calgary, Alberta. She also displayed her work at Tango Bistro and Waves Coffee House in Calgary, Alberta in the year 2013. Kimberley exhibited her work through Motion gallery in Calgary, Alberta from December 2011 until December 2015.

Kimberley has donated many paintings to silent auctions to raise money for varying causes.

Kimberley has also co-hosted several group art shows, exhibited in many solo and duo art shows at local restaurants and completed numerous commission pieces for private collections over the years.